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A gender 101 resource for anyone and everyone!
Fully illustrated and colorful resource that’s a 09-page hardback book, and available online for free or your love donation. Learn more at thegenderbook.com

A gender 101 resource for anyone and everyone!

Fully illustrated and colorful resource that’s a 09-page hardback book, and available online for free or your love donation. Learn more at thegenderbook.com

Anonymous said: I've been in a relationship with a man and I've told him i feel more comfortable as a man but he views it as silly dress up thing it doesn't help i dress him up as a girl because i think he looks better like that don't mind being a girl but i don't feel like myself my breast my hair my cloths they don't feel like me it's hard to try to tell people i'm trans and strait because they see them as too different things so everyone say's i'm just a tomboy but it's more then that i'm a boy inside help?

Ok. There’s a lot here and I’m going to try and dissect it as much as possible.


First, often trans people find it difficult to date the vast majority of cis people. It’s clearly not impossible or unheardable of, but generally you take on some extra responsibility in educating them on what it’s like to be transgender and how the world perceives and treats trans people. With that being said, in my experience, cis men tend to be the most difficult to enlighten on these issues - generally due to their own hangups on what masculinity is and how their partner fits into that.


I see where you’re going with the dressing him up kind of thing, but honestly it’s different. The fact of the matter is you should have to go to such drastic means to help him understand. Also, it’s highly problematic to push for him to do so because you think he looks better. It’s just as wrong as him pushing your assigned sex/gender on you because you look better to him. I’d stop that behavior and mindset in its tracks ASAP.


Many people don’t understand the vast complexities of gender and sex and how they fit together. That being said, if you’re in a relationship with a cis man and you identify has straight - how is that supposed to work? Unless maybe your sexuality is a little queerer than that. But also, you insistence on flip flopping both of your genders seems to include a lot of internalized transphobia and homophobia. There are different  relationship structures out their besides the heteronormative, cisnormative standard.


It’s hard work, but I feel like you would benefit from working on your self-esteem and not worrying about what others think. Such is the life of many a queer to have people who don’t understand exactly what their identity is, but again that’s not your problem. The most important thing right now is for you to do the introspective work of figuring out your own identity and experimenting with what makes you comfortable If you find you can’t do that in the confines of your current relationship, then that may spell the end of that situation. All you can do is talk openly with your partner and refrain from letting him paint your experience for you. It’s up to you to find your own voice and use it! <3

Jan 13

Trans/gender nonconforming Questionnaire :)

I am looking for (18-24) year old trans and gender non-conforming people that will be willing to take part in a brief questionnaire about their high school experiences.

Please click the link below:

I’ll also be going back and answering our backlog of questions as much as possible. <3

- Roxxi

Alrighty everyone. Kai has relinquished his duties on here, but I still want to be a resource here as much as necessary! We still get questions everyday and the importance of a positive space on here is important!

I’ll be brainstorming ways to make this place livelier and even more supportive over the next few weeks.

So be on the look out and bear with me during this… *ahem* transition period! <3

- Roxxi

P.S. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Dec 18

Help Tanya Walker (a black trans woman activist) Kick Cancer's Ass! -


I am blessed to know Tanya Walker. Her work over the past 20 years in New York City has been vital. We must give to care after our own. This is how we care for each other.

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Nov 18

How Obamacare Will Affect Trans Folks and Families -

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Sep 25

Transgender Law Gets Its First Treatise - From the American Bar Association -


The first-of-its-kind guide from the American Bar Association offers a roadmap for navigating the legal issues that touch many aspects of life as a transgender person.

Among the complexities of gender transition, legal issues abound. And now transgender people and their attorneys have a landmark guide to the shifting terrain of transgender rights.

The American Bar Association’s new 313-page treatise, Transgender Persons and the Law, is intended to educate both transgender persons and the legal practitioners who represent them. Written by transgender lawyer Ally Windsor Howell, the book addresses laws and court cases in a variety of areas, including housing, military service and veterans benefits, family law, healthcare, education, employment, immigration, and criminal justice. Howell also details the legal documents transgender people should understand in order to change names, birth certificates, and gender identification—a DVD is included with a complete set of these forms for all 50 states and Washington, DC.

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May 12

Anonymous said: Has any trans* man ever decided to stop taking T within the first year because they realized that, for whatever reason, they didn't want to transition anymore? Do you think they were treated negatively because they changed their mind?

I don’t know anyone personally, but perhaps T.R.A.N.S. followers can shed some light on this particular subject?


Anonymous said: I am a 20 year old FTM i am not out to my family or anyone at all. I have an ex girlfriend who i love and who still loves me. I father her son, but we have just joked about me being his dad even though she doesn't know about me. I use to tell my family as a child i was a boy, but they thought it was phase and always told me otherwise. I want to come out to her and my family, but i just don't know how i would do it or how they would feel about it. How you would approach this?


Hope this helps you!